Market Research in China

We run focus groups for your preferred demographic, in order to gain crucial qualitative and quantitative market research , which will give you an understanding of how your product/service will be received in China. We do this via a range of techniques including mystery shopping, interviews, surveys and conducting focus groups in China.

Website Design

We design websites with the Chinese consumer in mind. This requires not only translating text into Chinese, but using ‘buzz words’ and a website format which will engage the Chinese consumer. We will also create a  user-friendly website for Chinese consumers to easily navigate through.

Chinese Marketing

Through our many years of experience in bringing products and services to the Chinese market, we have the expertise to help devise a strategic plan for your entry method into the Chinese market and help you market your product/services effectively to Chinese consumers. We are experienced in using tools such as Wechat, Baidu & Weibo to reach the Chinese consumer you’re looking for.