Chinese Marketing

Marketing to the Chinese Consumer

Targeting and connecting with Chinese consumers through effective marketing can create huge opportunities to grow your brand, increase sales, and ultimately increase revenue. China poses unique challenges due to their unique buying habits, language/cultural barriers and government regulations and censorship.

Hub of China are experienced in marketing in China and have the resources which include a dedicated team to plan and implement brand strategies and marketing campaigns to expand your customer base into China.

Chinese Marketing Strategy

We can help devise a comprehensive strategic plan to expand your reach in the Chinese Market and maximise your ROI.

Chinese Promotion

We utilise a wide range of promotions and advertising channels through our network to deliver cost efficient results and increase sales.

Chinese Branding

We can help with appropriate and effective branding, which will resonate with your target market

Trade Show Management

We can arrange trade show to showcase and demonstrate your products to potential buyers.

Public Relations

We can arrange events, conventional and online press coverage, and strategic marketing communications.