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CATI Telephone Interviews China

CATI in China


CATI are interviews carried out by the phone and guided by a typed questionnaire displayed on the screen. We have experts in CATI who follow the questions on screen and then record the respondents answers  on the pc which corresponds with the pre-recorded responses displayed.

We feel there are numerous advantages of carrying out CATI telephone interviews in China.:

  • The interviewer can just focus on the interview, as the instructions are already taken care of
  • Data errors are kept to a minimum as the interviewer will select the respondents answers in real time
  • We can check the results throughout the interview
  • Results can be delivered immediately to the client kamagra oral jelly preis

Interviews carried out by telephone are guided by a questionnaire displayed on the screen of a computer. The interviewer records answers via the keyboard to correspond with the pre-coded responses displayed on the screen.

We at Hub of China would recommend CATI to be used for large numbers of people

Telephone interviews

Conventional telephone interviews are much less structured. Which means the interviewer will get a lot more information from respondents than CATI. This can be a cost effective way of gaining qualitative research from large numbers of people.

Sometimes we will advise our clients to initially used telephone interviews as a way to work out their target market in a cost effective manner. Once the telephone interviews have been undertaken and the target market has been determined then we could proceed to focus groups.