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Chinese Website Design

We offer skilled and experienced web designers who have an extensive knowledge of Chinese culture.  We can assist in building a compelling and informative web presence in the Chinese market which will resonate with Chinese citizens

What do we do?

  • We combine elements of Chinese & Western design to portray your product/service in an appealing way
  • We develop a clear, coherent and intuitive website for the Chinese user
  • We translate your site content in a way which will be meaningful to your Chinese customers
  • We ensure your website can be seen through Chinese internet censorship
  • We help you register a Chinese domain name and provide reliable and fast hosting
  • We help you obtain an ICP license so you can host your website within China

Chinese Website design

What differentiates a Western website to a Chinese one? And why is it important to hire a specialist in Chinese web design in order to resonate and engage with our Chinese counterparts?

One stand out difference is the amount of text on the page. Whereas Google and Yahoo use vast areas of white space and media to engage a user, a Chinese webpage is typically dominated by text. This can be attributed to China’s slow internet connection speeds which albeit are improving all the time and should result in greater multi-medial websites with faster loading times in the future. However despite the strides China has made with their speed of connectivity a large number of sites are still text-heavy Therefore, text plays a much larger role in Chinese web design.


Chinese Website Design

Scrolling on Chinese Websites

Chinese websites like qq.com require an infinite amount to scrolling; something Chinese users are used to when using the majority of Chinese websites.

chinese websites scrolling

Navigation Links on Chinese Websites

Furthermore, there are a lot more navigation links throughout the page. For example on QQ.com there are 50 navigation links in the top navigation bar. If that wasn’t sufficient, there are also 50 links on the sidebar.

Chinese Websites Tend to be Less Minimalistic

Eye tracking studies of websites have illustrated Westerners reading webpages from the top left to bottom right, whilst Chinese consumers navigating from the center top to the center bottom. Chinese webpages also tend to be dominated by lengthy text, much brighter and more cluttered than English webpages.

When a westerner designs a Chinese landing page for a website, it may look intuitive for a Westerner but be unusable for the typical Chinese user. It is almost un-intuitive for a Chinese user, who find it difficult dealing with copious amounts of white space.

So what does this mean?

  1. Text is extremely important for Chinese websites. Slower internet connections will create issues for multimedia websites – and could be frustrating for a Chinese user cialis 20mg price.
  2. Smart phones are hugely popular in Chinese large cities – a large number of people will own a phone but not a laptop – so websites need to be fully optimised for mobile use.
  3. Chinese words are often made up two or three characters . Unlike in English where words have varying lengths, Chinese words are less variable. This can impact your navigation design
  4. Some characters can be pretty intricate so one must be careful in using a font size that is too small and could be difficult to read.
  5. Colour can plays an important role. Try to avoid the use of black if possible and even yellow has become symbolic of pornography so could also be avoided.

If you are interested in getting your Chinese website designed by us then please get in touch at david.joseph@hubofchina.com