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We are a leading market research company in China and offer a variety of research services through a range of different data collection methods. Where we feel we differentiate from our competitors is our ability to provide research from 1st tier cities like Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzhou to the up and coming 2nd and 3rd tier cities such as Chengdu, Dalian, Xiamen, & Lijiang. Our vast geographical network & capabilities over mainland China allows us to be responsive to the needs of a range of client requests. We are a passionate and creative research firm that sees our role of making sense of how and why Chinese consumers act in the way they do. Our services include:

Interviews & Focus Groups

We reach into the minds of the target audience, both B2B / B2C, and provide detailed actionable reports in English

Ethnographic Research

We interact with participants in their real-life environment, eliciting real time insights

Online Panels & Surveys

We program suitable surveys and have access to an online panel of 800,000 Chinese respondents  

Online Polls

We have access to a number of KOL’s across a number of industries to get quick and insightful polling data

Market Research Reports

Customised reporting on the Chinese market, including latest news, innovations and opportunities in your required industry


Qualitative Market Research in China


We specialise in providing qualitative research through focus groups in China, in depth one-on-one interviews, ethnographic research and observational market research.

Focus Groups in China


We pride ourselves on the focus groups undertaken for small to large corporations in China. We have a number of skilled & experienced moderators who are adept in relating to different participants, effective in stimulating discussion and flexible to the ideas presented to them by participants. Focus groups are notoriously difficult to conduct in China due to the different cultural dynamics that take place during discussions. Here we discuss how we overcomes these difficulties and how focus groups differ in China in comparison to the west. We also have a knowledgeable recruitment team to ensure the recruitment of suitable and useful participants. Our range of market research venues also creates an environment whereby participants feel at ease.

focus group in china

In depth interviews


Hub of China provides the facilities to gather detailed information from Chinese consumers. We offer in depth face to face interviews as well as telephone interviews. We have a range of different high-quality qualified moderators who will be chosen by us according to the requirements of each of our clients. All our moderators are fantastic at making participants feel at home.

Ethnographic & observational research in China


Hub of China offers ethnographic research to clients as a means to observe and interact with Chinese consumers in their real-life. What we ensure is that our ethnographer becomes fully immersed in activities as an active participant whilst recording field notes. Such methodologies include mystery shopping. We have a number of Chinese consumers in each province in China who are on call and ready to participate in mystery shopping. Mystery shopping can be a great way for our clients already operating in China to understand in more detail the experience of their service from the consumers point of view.

Quantitative Market Research in China


We also offer a number of quantitative research methods including online and offline surveys, observations, opinion polls and questionnaires. Our flexible and agile research design approach allows us to tailor our methodologies to our clients’ needs and demands.


Online surveys & questionnaires in China


The majority of our clients are now favouring online surveys over offline surveys when looking to gain insights into the Chinese market. This is due to the ease of gathering data online, the reduction in costs, flexibility of design, increased response rates & the high accuracy of measuring the results. Hub of China utilises the latest technology to design and craft surveys/questionnaires that not only ensure accurate results but also entice participants to respond. We pride ourselves in the response rates we achieve for our clients.

market research reports

Chinese Opinion Polls


Opinion polls can be integrated with WeChat or Weibo to achieve quick research over large numbers of people. We have engineers on hand to help with this integration as well as a team which is devoted to devising neutral and enticing questions that respondents will wish to reply to. We also have access to a number of key opinion leaders on WeChat and Weibo who have millions of followers and can be accessed through opinion polls.

online polls in china



Observations can also be performed quantitatively. We rarely get client requests for quantitative observations but we do have the infrastructure if that’s what our clients require.

observational research

Providing actionable insights into the Chinese market


What we aim to do with our market research is identify patterns in consumer behaviour. This allows us to provide our clients with useful actionable research which explains the patterns and trends identified in our analysis. We do the following to ensure the actionability of our research:

  1. Recruit our clients target market: We ensure we produce screeners which adhere to our client’s requirements. With our wide network of recruiters, we are able to deliver exactly the recruitment requirements of our clients.
  2. Stay focussed: We ensure we don’t catch two butterflies with one net. We have transparency from the outset with our client and team, whereby we align ourselves with our market research objective from start to finish. We ensure the questions we ask participants are connected to gaining the objectives our clients have asked for.
  3. We use the latest analytical techniques to gain the most accurate results from our projects, regardless of if they are quantitative or qualitative projects.
  4. We present the findings in a clear and easily digestible way. The complex techniques we use to analyse the findings can sometimes be intimidating and so we ensure we present them in a clear way in which there is no ambiguity as to what steps our clients should next take.

market research reports

In providing our clients actionable insights into the Chinese market we are also able to assist in the implementation of the findings we have gathered. If you are interested in conducting market research in China then get in touch. We should be able to get back to you within 1 business day.


Market Research Techniques

 hub of china Market landscape

In such a vast and diverse market as China an up to date understanding and insights into the market you are entering is vital. Exploratory work to gain insights on the current market and key trends sets the baseline for successful marketing in China.

 hub of chinaNew Product Launch – Concept Testing

Concept testing is absolutely vital for success in China. Using creative research techniques we drive insights into how a new product can be positioned versus unmet market needs in China.

In the highly competitive China market distinct product and brand identities with clear and coherent positioning will be needed for market success. Only through uncovering truth and insights in the China market can this be done. Hub of China directors have extensive experience of new products launch research in China.

 hub of china Segmentation 

We are big believers in real segmentation. We’ve invented a system that allows clients to build real segments, size those segments and target them accurately with marketing and sales activity.

Before entering the China market it is vital to have an in depth understanding of the segments your product is most likely to appeal to. So we developed Segmentation Maximizer (SegMax).

 hub of china Communications Testing

What are you communicating to your consumers? Does is resonate? Do they recall it? Do they engage with it? And do they act on it? What is it communicating about your brand? We can use advanced techniques, traditional research techniques or a combination of these with our naturally creative thinking to drive insights into how brand communications are working or are likely to work in China.

 hub of china Forecasting

Understanding growth and segment development in China prior to launch is essential. We have experience of building both simple and complex forecasting models using available data and primary research insights.

 hub of china Pricing and Market Access

Weather it’s pricing a new breakfast cereal, a new OTC treatment or seeking reimbursement of a new cancer treatment – we have the experience of pricing research and market access landscaping to help out clients negotiate these complex decisions in the China market.

 hub of chinaAdvanced Techniques & Choice Modeling

Brutal simplicity always triumphs the complex and over engineered solutions, especially in China. However, sometimes it needs a more complex approach. Then we use the most advanced techniques including choice modeling to assess the most attractive product and portfolio mix, set market pricing strategies and understand the most influential attributes in the buying process.

 hub of china Post Launch Tracking

You want to get rapid uptake of your brand on launch in China, so tracking the success of your sales and marketing efforts post launch is very important. We can monitor post launch brand and message recall, brand image, brand equity measures, and trial and repeat usage.

In the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector we can also monitor salesforce effectiveness post launch.