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China Market Research

Hub of China is a leading market research agency in China. We collect crucial qualitative and quantitative information about the market in China for your product or service.  Our tools include, mystery shopping, interviews, surveys and focus groups in China, all aimed at your preferred demographic.

Chinese Website Design

We design websites with your Chinese consumer in mind. We translate text using the kind of words your customers would find meaningful and create an attractive user-friendly website which your consumers will find easy to navigate.

Chinese Marketing

With our many years experience in bringing products and services to the Chinese market, we have the expertise to help devise a strategic plan for you. We are experienced in using tools such as WeChat, Baidu & Weibo to reach your potential Chinese customers.

 hub of china Responsive and Flexible 

We are always a call or an email away and prioritise your calls.   You should have a response within 12 hours.

hub of chinaAttentive to our clients requirements

We listen attentively to our clients’ requirements and deliver accordingly. We build the entire project structure around the core needs of each client. Our team is multilingual, with technical knowledge and experience in every major sector. We are located China-wide and are proud that we are able to meet the precise needs of each client.

www.hubofchina.com Large network and resources over China

With our extensive network, we can overcome any geographical barrier. Our team of multilingual consultants can match your unique research challenges with a custom-made solution ideally suited to China’s dynamic market. This allows us to provide China market analysis all over mainland China.


hub of china logo Team of experts and practitioners

Your project is managed from proposal to presentation by expert market research leaders. We carefully consider a suitable approach and select efficient and proven methodologies to suit your needs. Our knowledge of the Chinese market combined with our rich resources help provide our clients unparalleled insight into the Chinese market.

focus groups in china

Focus Groups

Hub of China specialises in conducting focus groups to give our clients clear and insightful research about their target market in China. We help our clients through the full process from the recruitment to delivering clear and actionable reports.

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IDI's in China

In depth one-to-one interviews

Our moderators at Hub of China have years of experience in conducting one-to-one interviews and most importantly in China ensuring participants feel at ease ready to speak honestly and expressively.

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market research analysis in china

China Market Analysis

Hub of China provides its client with data driven analysis of the market they are targeting. We are well-versed in carrying out consumption pattern analysis, consumer insight, usability testing, feasibility assessment all over mainland China.

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telephone interviews in china

Telephone Interviews

Hub of China has a China market research database full of different demographics of consumers all over mainland China. We can help with recruiting participants that meet our clients requirements and then conduct the interviews via WeChat/phone.

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UX Market research in China


Hub of China feels the ends users experience of digital interface has a huge impact on their enjoyment levels and view of the brand. Hub of China uses innovative ways to measure the journey a user goes through on an APP or website

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eye tracking in china

Eye Tracking

Hub of China uses eye tracking tech to record the visual path a user takes within an experience. It allows us to understand what captures the attention of a user and understand how customers perceive the environment surrounding an ad/product

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online polls in china

Online Polls

Hub of China uses online polls to get a quick indication of how a participant feels about a product/service. We are also able to obtain different data points of the respondents via social media plus watch the process a participant goes through when responding to the polls.

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store checks in china

Store Checks

Hub of China uses store checks in China to assist our clients in getting in-depth knowledge on a range of products in one specific location. This allows us to gain China market research in all stores across the mainland.

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