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Market Research

We are the leaders in providing market research in the Chinese market. We have a team of China experts who cover tier 1 – 4 cities. We are known of leaders in the field for the following reasons:

  • Our depth of services offering quantitative and qualitative market research on a B2B and B2C level
  • Our stringent quality measures to ensure the authenticity of the insights we uncover
  • Our wide spread network which enables us to adapt and adhere quickly to our client requests
  • Our knowledge of the Chinese market through decades of experience
  • Actionable & detailed market research reports

market research reportsMarketing

We provide our clients with marketing strategies based not he initial market research we uncovered farmacie-romania.com. We provide overall market entry strategies and have rich experience in establishing brands in the local market which will appear to Chinese consumers. We also have expertise in the following platforms:

  • Baidu
  • WeChat
  • Weibo

online polls in china

Website Design & Translation Services

Having a Chinese website which communicates effectively to Chinese consumers is imperative for any company operating in the Chinese market. Chinese websites have different features to Western and this must be considered. 

We also provide translation services for websites, carrying out market research and marketing content.

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