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Eye Tracking Market Research

Do we know as much as we think we know?

We as human beings really don’t know as much as we think we know. Even through simple experiences we can sometimes be inaccurate about what we really liked or what caught our attention. Hub of China tries to remove the reliance on human cognitive biases through utilising the latest technology. Eye tracking technology is a great way to accurately assess where the bandwidth of a human being’s attention is being placed towards.

How do we utilise eye tracking technology in market research?

We often use eye tracking technology when testing marketing campaigns – what is catching the customers attention and for how long? Once we have ascertained what has caught the user’s eye, we can then come up with follow up questions to understand what their reaction was to a specific word or image kamagra oral jelly preis.

We also use each tracking technology to better understand a user’s experience in different situations. For example, in a supermarket – what are peoples shopping habits? Where do they go to first? Are customers more likely to impulse buy at the start or end of their shopping experience? These are questions which can be extremely useful for our clients to understand and then interpret.

The attention economy

With the seemingly endless fight and ferocious competition for companies to try and attract and maintain a user’s attention it has become increasingly paramount for companies to understand methods of doing this. Eye tracking can be the key to this valuable insight.