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Consumer Insights into the Chinese Market


Our main business at Hub of China is providing our clients with an in-depth and accurate analysis of their target market in China. What we aim to uncover through our market analysis in China is the opportunities and risks associated with a target consumer segment.

We normally work with a hypothesis. After a discussion with our clients, they will normally give us an idea of who they wish to target.  For example, mothers in Beijing who have a disposable income between 20,000 – 30,000 yuan and have a child between the age of 3-6. We will then look to test this target market qualitatively through focus groups or quantitatively through surveys and questionnaires. From this market research we then aim to ascertain the feasibility of the product/service with this target market and identify the opportunities and risks.

China Market Analysis


We also provide insightful market analysis about the macro environment in China. Services we offer include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Key Drivers of growth
  • Market entry feasibility
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Global market trends
  • Social, political and economic environment
  • Trade rules and regulations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer trend analysis

Once we have undertaken the necessary macro and micro research, we will provide recommendations of an effective entrance strategy into China and the best practices for marketing to Chinese consumers. For example through the market research process we often aim to talk to potential consumers of the product/service which will be introduced into the Chinese market. We use this opportunity to ask consumers what mediums they use and how they would be likely to hear bout this product/service offering online-apteekki.com. This information will allow us to begin writing up a marketing strategy which will reach the clients target market.

We are also able to help with branding – this can include logo design, Chinese website design, translation, and advertisement creation. Our clients will often be established outside China, however the branding they have used there may not necessarily be as effective in the Chinese market. We are experts in catering product branding to the tastes of Chinese consumers.

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